Install and use the term checker for ASD-STE100 in Oxygen XML Editor

STE term checker with sample text in Oxygen XML Editor

The term checker has this problem with the Oxygen XML Editor:

To install the term checker in Oxygen XML Editor

  1. Install the term checker for ASD-STE100.
  2. Install the LanguageTool plugin for Oxygen from
  3. Close Oxygen XML Editor.

To use the term checker in Oxygen XML editor

  1. Start the standalone version of LanguageTool.
  2. Click Text Checking>Options.
  3. In the General screen:
    1. Select Run as server on port.
    2. Type 8081 as the port.
    3. Select Use above settings for the server.
    4. Click OK.
  4. Start Oxygen XML Editor.
  5. In Author mode or Text mode, click LanguageTool Check.

Differences between the STE analysis with the Oxygen add-in and the stand-alone version of LanguageTool

For the best analysis, use the stand-alone version of LanguageTool (as shown on the installation page). When you use the Oxygen add-in, the analysis has these limits:

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