How to evaluate software for ASD-STE100

Software is not necessary, but it helps you

To remember all the rules of ASD-STE100 is not easy, as these examples of approved dictionary words show:

The STE dictionary has more than 1000 unapproved words. Each word has one or more approved possible alternatives.

Because STE is good English, to find nonconformities is not easy.

How to evaluate the term checker for ASD-STE100

People ask, "What is better about the TechScribe term checker compared to other software for a controlled language?" TechScribe cannot answer that question. To evaluate software, you must first specify your requirements. Then, compare the software against your requirements.

To help your team to choose the best software to solve your problems, refer to the Software Evaluation Guide.

To use a term checker for a controlled language, your team must add a project's technical terms to the software. For example, in ASD-STE100 issue 8, the word base is unapproved as a noun and as a verb. Possibly, documentation uses the term base deck. To give a correct evaluation of text, the software must 'know' whether the term is approved or unapproved. "To be effective, they [language checkers] also need to contain your in-house technical names and technical verbs. If your technical names and technical verbs are not in the checker, you will get constant 'unknown word' messages" (

To evaluate the TechScribe term checker without adding project terms, do one of these:

A minimum of one person who evaluates the software must have a good knowledge of Simplified Technical English. Without that knowledge, your team will probably struggle to know whether the software finds all errors and ignores all the correct text. Most language checkers for a controlled language give some incorrect warnings. Part of your evaluation is to decide whether the frequency of incorrect warnings is sufficiently low. Refer to ASD-STE100 issue 8.

"No software supporting STE is authorized, certified or endorsed by ASD" (

Select the version that you want

Two versions of the term checker are available. The results that you get from the local files version and the remote files version are the same.

Buy the local files version for these conditions:

Make sure that technical writers want to use ASD-STE100

Before you buy a term checker, make sure that the technical writers in your organization want to use ASD-STE100.

Many technical writers do not want to use a controlled language, because they think that a controlled language restricts their creativity. At the Technical Communication UK Conference in 2010, 39 technical writers were asked whether they use a controlled language such as ASD-STE100. One person lifted his hand. Then, the technical writers were asked who wanted to use a controlled language. The person lowered his hand. Not one person wanted to use a controlled language.

The term checker is different to other software for ASD-STE100

These are the primary differences between the TechScribe term checker and other software for ASD-STE100:

Some language checkers for ASD-STE100 have the features that follow. The TechScribe term checker does not have these features:

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